Walking on a cloud

Today I was messing around with my ipad and I discovered some things I can do with it I was not previously aware of. I had been using evernote very little on my iphone. I am not especially busy, however that is quickly changing. I am being given a lot more responsibility at church. Our church is getting a van and I will be the driver. I will need to keep track of my passengers names, phone numbers, and addresses. I am also going to need to keep notes and remember lots of information.

I am also going to need to be able to blog from remote locations. Therefore I just downloaded WordPress for ipad. This is going to come in very handy as I move forward with my blog.

Finally, I downloaded the web clipper for Evernote. It allows me to save snippets of text, photos, articles, and even whole pages. This is going to be super huge to keep track of information as I research information for my blog.

Well that’s it for today. Stay tuned, lots more to come.