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The American Overlords

Today the headlines read that “crybaby” John Boehner is endorsing rino Paul Ryan to be the republican nominee in the 2016 presidential election.  I sat back and wondered to myself, how is that even possible?  He’s not even running for president?  Donald Trump is killing the other republican candidates in the primaries, there is no way he’s not going to be the nominee.  The real dirty truth about American politics is that if the voting public is not able to clearly choose a winner in the primaries, if the outcome is too close, or if the nominee appears to be a losing proposition for the party, then the party will choose for us.  It feels a bit like living in Soviet Russia, where the leaders were appointed rather than chosen by the voting citizenry.  This is where you really get to see how much or how little freedom we have in our representative republic.

That’s right folks, the United States is not a true democracy, it is a representative republic.  This is where, if you are paying attention, you learn the art of sausage-making in American politics.  Some things you just wish you didn’t know.  I often feel like the elections in America are akin to the gladiatorial games in ancient Rome.  It was entertainment presented at the expense, and literal peril, of the combatants, as an opiate for the masses.  Roman citizens were kept fat, dumb and happy, while poor Roman slaves were pitted against professional gladiatorial combatants in the most unfair ways.  I mean, you knew who the winners would be from the start, and the losers’ sole mission was to die as savagely as possible at the hands of clearly more skilled and heavily armed opponents.  They would of course put on a good show, and the decadent Roman citizenry went home feeling like they got their money’s worth, and no one questioned it, no one complained.  It was a testament to the falling morality of the Roman Empire.

We saw last weekend the lengths the democrats will go to disrupt the political rally of their most feared and hated opponent, Donald J. Trump.  George Soros, a well known democratic financier, paid groups like and Black Lives Matter (BLM), to bus people in for the sole purpose of protesting and eventually, unfortunately, disrupt the rally from continuing.  We even saw Barack Obama’s old pal Bill Ayers in the crowd, hamming it up in front of the salivating media.  This is a sad blow to the first amendment in America.  What they are saying is that free speech is fine, as long as we agree with your point of view.  However, deviate just a little bit, and we’ll brand you as a hater, a racist, a homophobe, an islamophobe, and a xenophobe.

What are we, as the American voting public, to take away from all of this?  It is clear to me now that we are not the democratic free society we thought we were.  Its looking more and more like an oligarchy, and we are simply the serfs groveling at the feet of the ruling class.  Of this I no longer have any doubt.  If the republican party chooses to ignore the voting public, and nominate a candidate of their choosing, there will be blood in the streets, folks.  You will have masses of disenfranchised voters marching in every city in America, and I suspect they will be largely ignored by the media.  You as the voter, may not like the fact that Donald J. Trump is crushing the other candidates in this presidential primary race, but you have to respect the will of the republican party voters.  It is also clear that this man is bringing in voters from the democratic party, independents, and even people who have never voted before.  Why?  Is it simply because he acts like a pro wrestler talking smack about his opponents, stirring up the crowds, making a big show of his candidacy?  I really don’t think so.  He lists his policies on his website just like all the other candidates.  He says what he is for, and what he is against.  He presents his ideas, and it happens to resonate with angry American voters, who are simply fed up with politics as usual.  If it were just about his on-stage antics and personae, it would certainly not be reflected in the primary results we have seen thus far.  I think there is way more to the movement than meets the eye.

Yes, this is a movement, whether we want to admit it or not.  It’s a phenomenon because it defies logic and it’s completely unpredictable what will happen in this election.  Trump has out-witted all of the critics, he as completely upset the pundits of the media, failing to live up to their predictions that he would be a failed candidacy in the face of establishment candidates like Jeb Bush and John Kasich and Marco Rubio.  Even Cruz was clearly favored to beat Trump in the early game.  Now its pretty clear that Rubio and Kasich no longer have a path to victory and it has become a two man race.

I personally would like to see the will of the American voter be respected rather than have our republican overlords choose for us.  Americans are much smarter than our task-masters give us credit for.  This in spite of common-core, the dumbing-down of our education system, and the fascist left that now completely overwhelms our college campuses, refusing to allow anyone with opposing viewpoints to express their ideas.  If Trump is somehow nominated, I will be pleasantly surprised.  If the establishment ruling class decides to pull a fast one on us, I fear what that will do to the republican party, and to the country.


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