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Hello and welcome to Cybrdroyd’s Funky Labs.  This is my first blog post.

I guess I should tell you who I am and why I am here.  I am Christian first and foremost.  I believe in God, I believe He sent His son Jesus to live and die for us so that we might live for Him, and that He rose again on the third day, and forty days later He ascended to Heaven and is now seated at the right hand of the Father.  He forever lives to make intercession for us.   I also am Karismatic, which simply means I believe in all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which begins with the baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire as established in the book of Acts.  This is the gateway to all the gifts of the Spirit as outlined in 1 Corinthians chapter 12 through 14.  I am not ashamed of it, and I make no apologies for it.  Great, now that’s out of the way, moving on…

I consider myself a political conservative nowadays.  I was once a staunch republican, however now I have drifted into Libertarianism I believe.  I feel like the Republican Party has done us a huge disservice by making themselves more like the Democratic Party.  Therefore I’ve lost respect for them as a rule.  I am siding with the likes of Ron Paul who is a member of the republican party, but you and I both know he’s a libertarian, as is his son Rand Paul.  Like them, I believe in less government, more freedom for the people.  I believe people naturally wish to be free to persue life, and happiness as they see fit, and worship as they see fit, and earn their living as they see fit, without governmental interference.  I believe government agencies like the EPA and FDA are stacked with corporate execs leaving their posts temporarily in order to effect some change in regulation that benefits only them and their corporations, not anyone else, and then they leave.  Replacing them are more corporate types doing the same things.  I believe this corporate takeover has spilled over into our military, the IRS, the CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, and even our foreign policy.  Alright, enough of that…

I am an avid computer enthusiast.  I love computer gaming.  I love mmos, rpgs, strategy games, and cyberpunk.  I am not a huge fan of fps games, but I will play them from time to time because my best friend likes them, I do it for him mostly.  I’m not the twitchy trigger happy type.  I also love racing games.  Not Mario Kart mind you, but more like Grand Tourismo, Nascar 2013, and Forza 4 games and the like.  Right now I am focused on Star Wars the Old Republic Online (SWTORO).  I played at launch and found it to be a let-down because I was a fan of Star Wars Galaxies, and hoped this game would be like that.  It wasn’t.  So, a year later, I am giving SWTORO another whirl, and so far I am enjoying it.  Enough about gaming…

I like cycling.  I ride throughout the summer, most summers.  However this summer I seem to be in a funk and haven’t quite managed to dig myself out of it.  I’m a bit sad and lonely, and right now I have little hope that it will change any time soon.  I need to get out of that, but so far I have not managed to.  So, my bike sits on my porch collecting dust this year.  I imagine it is sad and lonely too. 

I love motorcycles.  Not just any motorcycles, I like choppers.  Not just any choppers, I like the bobbers.  You know the ones.  Fat tires, single seater, stripped down naked with just the bare minimum parts to make it go, and by all means, no bags, and no windshields.  That’s for old farts wearing do-rags and wolf t-shirts and ugly mustaches.  Thats not me. 

So, there you have it.  I guess I should also mention I am 46 (soon to be 47) years of age, I have deformity that has left me with short arms, I am overweight, and I seem to be having a mid-life crisis. 

The reason I am here is because I love to write.  I learned of WordPress as I was downloading Windows Movie Maker, and I thought I should give this blogging thing a whirl and see what happens. 

So, that’s it.  I hope you enjoy my blog. 


3 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Dennis ⋅

    I have always been inspired by your Christian and political views. This was well written…

  2. cybrdroyd

    I’ve been informed that the proper term is Charismatic and not Karismatic. Thank you my friend. I’m new at this. 🙂

  3. cybrdroyd

    I admire that you posted first about your belief in Jesus. I couldn’t help but notice that towards the end of your blog that you said you were sad and lonely. You said that you didn’t think it would be changing anytime soon. That brings me back to your belief……yes we have our moments in life, however, with Jesus we should not be hopeless, He is the hope……amen?

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